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SHEBERBUILD – is a reliable partner of the state and business. Sheberbuild Ltd. business activities are provided a full package of licenses for construction works and it has certification according to ISO 9001:2008.

The intellectual potential of the company – We are energetic and ambitious team of like-minded and high-level professionals. We focus on human resources which provides us the efficiency and competence. We have been doing our business for years with leading members of the international business community which serves as a guarantee of reliability and stability of our result.

Technology and innovation potential of the company based on a strong scientific and industrial base. Solutions portfolio includes also a certified and patented IT solutions with high commercial potential. These solutions were successfully implemented in Kazakhstan.

Education and training It is carried out in own accredited training center.


development Strategy 

SHEBERBUILD Our company heading for the continuous development and implementation of best practices and standards - European (BREEAM) and the US (LEED) complex rating systems, resource conservation and environmental design in construction.

Currently implemented:

  1. We make planning of construction works taking into account the analysis of the impact on the environment. (Implements and improved methods to reduce exposure).
  2. Phased timetable reduce energy and resource, ongoing analysis of the economic efficiency of energy and resources and their rational use. The introduction of new technologies, technical equipment analysis.
  3. Recycling construction waste.
  4. Certification of construction of buildings (the final stage)

We take care and focus on consumer comfort that moves us to seek modern, eco-friendly materials, new technological solutions, monitoring global trends. 

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